There are a handful of real estate agents who make millions selling homes. It’s not impossible to become one of them, but it takes a lot of work and savvy to build up your business to the point where you can sell $1 million worth of properties per year or more. You might need to invest in your career with real estate training courses and licensing classes, join a high-performing brokerage or create your own, and have the right network of clients.

It can take up to a decade to reach the million dollar mark for most agents, especially if you’re a single agent without a team. You also need to be working in a market where the average home price is above $500K. That’s why a lot of agents who make millions focus on high-end luxury property sales. Aaron Kirman, for example, is a real estate agent who makes millions selling property in Los Angeles. He’s sold more than $6 billion worth of real estate during his career and appears on the CNBC show “Listing Impossible.” Kirman runs the Aaron Kirman Group, a team that sells multimillion-dollar properties in LA and across the country. Also read

To become a top agent, you need a combination of skill and experience in real estate sales, marketing, and property management. You also need to have a good understanding of local market conditions and be able to negotiate effectively. You can gain these skills through real estate courses and license classes, and you can find many online resources that will teach you the basics of real estate selling.

You also need to be very personable and love interacting with people. Top agents aren’t afraid to door-knock or cold-call, and they have a knack for connecting with buyers and sellers. You can make money by blogging about your experiences in the real estate industry, and you can also monetize your content to earn money from affiliate sales of books on the subject, advertising sales to brokers specializing in REITs, or even by hosting podcasts that offer tips for buyers and sellers.

Many real estate agents who make millions sell properties to investors. These sellers often own at least one investment property, and they are looking for a way to diversify their portfolios. You can use a database like Reonomy to discover real estate investors and their contact information, then run campaigns to reach them by email, text, or phone.

A newbie real estate agent could make millions in their first year in the business if they were willing to work hard and be patient. Getting a job in the corporate world might be more straightforward, but it’s not as rewarding as being your own boss and controlling your own destiny. Real estate is a fun and exciting career that offers unique opportunities for making money in different ways. Try different strategies to see what works best for you! Make Millions Selling Real Estate – Earning Secrets of Top Agents.